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We are so pleased that you stopped by to learn about our unique embossed Roses, Tulips, Lilies, other plant material and a range of edibles like chocolate, macaroons, biscuits, confectionery and even fruit.

Speaking Roses from USA has a presence in over 60 countries worldwide and presents the most unique product ever seen to the promotion and floral industry.

Over a decade ago, Speaking Roses conceived the idea to merge the flower and greeting card industries, and created an exceptional way to convey unforgettable messages by making them appear inscribed on the petal of the rose itself. Then, after developing and patenting unique flower printer, Speaking Roses offered beautiful, embossed, flowers to local flower shops and businesses, whose response was immediate and overwhelming. This technology then extended to the Corporate industry as a unique branding concept. This kind of technology is not available from any other source worldwide.

Fresh Ideas on How to Brand Your Business

Brand perception does matter. But what is more important is how you create and position that perception among your customers. Studies have shown that 75% of purchase decisions are based on emotion.

The organisations that place value-over-price considerations to win hearts are usually armed with a well-defined, genuinely likeable brand. The benefits of defining your organization’s values, voice, and market placement can include increased profits, and better customer and employee retention with new and unique branding ideas from Speaking Roses.

Speaking Roses doesn’t only print on roses

Speaking Roses doesn’t only print on roses, but we also have an edible ink options that is perfect for events, weddings, Food Shows, Expo’s, Corporate Branding, Client appreciation like customers who buy a new house or car.

Add something unique to your business, advertise with your company logo, slogan or thank to your customers with delicately embossed fresh roses.

Promote your brand, service or your product to leave a lasting impression. If you would like to take your clients to a new level of loyalty, please contact us and Speaking Roses will tailor a unique solution customised for you.

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Join our mailing list and be the
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